The Difference Between VSG vs Lap Band Surgery

Although VSG and lap band surgery are both meant to achieve weight loss, the procedures, qualifications, and results vary. If you are starting your weight loss journey, it’s important to understand the details behind both of these operations. Let’s dive into the similarities and differences of VSG vs lap band surgery to help educate you on your options.


A huge disparity between VSG vs lap band surgery is that one permanently changes the size of the stomach. VSG involves removing a portion of the stomach. On the other hand, lap band surgery involves wrapping a band around the top portion of the stomach. This makes lap band surgery minimally invasive and reversible. Even though both give you similar long-term weight loss results, VSG reduces overeating in addition to decreasing your appetite, making you lose weight more rapidly in the first 1-2 years. But, only certain patients will qualify for VSG since it is an irreversible surgery.


Weight loss surgery is more than a cosmetic fix, it is a life-saving solution for those who are obese and face serious health concerns. At least 2.8 million people die each year as a result of being overweight or obese, but with procedures like these, they can turn their lives around. Since lap bad surgery is minimally invasive, patients can qualify for it with a BMI of 30 or higher. However, since VSG is irreversible, patients must have a BMI of 40 or higher and suffer from a serious obesity-related health problem. It is more difficult to qualify for VSG vs lap band surgery because of this important difference.


With lap band surgery, you will need to have follow-ups and adjustments made to ensure your weight loss and appetite are in a healthy zone. You could be losing weight too quickly or too slowly after lap band surgery and have trouble swallowing, but tweaks can be made to keep you on the right track. VSG patients require follow-ups visits too, but less frequently and without adjustments due to the permanence of the surgery. Those who undergo VSG surgery may see more rapid results, which is crucial because they are at higher BMIs and need to reduce their risk immediately. With VSG, the surgeon removes part of the stomach including the fundus, which produces the hunger hormone ghrelin. This reduces appetite and helps decrease food intake more dramatically, which is why a patient tends to see results quicker.

Now that you know the difference between VSG vs lap band surgery, you may know which is more suited for your needs. If you are seeking weight-loss solutions and have tried other methods, we recommend scheduling an appointment with us today. Dr. Cernero is an award-winning bariatric surgeon and will find the best option for you to achieve a healthy weight.

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