Dr. Cernero Among Bariatric Surgeons that Accept HealthChoice

Cernero Surgery & Aesthetics is here to help people change their lives through weight loss. In fact, that’s why we are proud to announce that Dr. Cernero is among the bariatric surgeons that accept HealthChoice insurance. If you are an educator or state employee with HealthChoice in the Oklahoma or North Texas region seeking to undergo bariatric surgery, look no further than Cernero Surgery & Aesthetics!

Bariatric Surgeons that Accept HealthChoice: For Educators and State Employees

As of early 2017, HealthChoice added bariatric surgery as a covered benefit under their High, High Alternative, Basic, and Basic Alternative health plans. Additionally, the High Deductible Health Plan for members ages 18 and older also covers bariatric surgery.

Dr. Cernero is proud to be among the bariatric surgeons that accept HealthChoice and looks forward to serving those who fall into this category! If you are an educator or state employee with HealthChoice, contact Dr. Cernero to find out if you qualify for bariatric surgery. You must have been covered under your plan for 12 consecutive months prior to your surgery. Furthermore, you are encouraged to continue your coverage with HealthChoice for the following 24 consecutive months after your bariatric surgery. For more information on HealthChoice coverage from the State of Oklahoma’s guidelines, click here.

How Do You Know if Bariatric Surgery is Right for You?

To be eligible for bariatric surgery, you must meet a few different criteria. For example, these usually include having a BMI of 35-40 with other co-morbidities such as high blood pressure, diabetes, sleep apnea or hypertension. Additionally, another criterion would be having a BMI of 40 and above. Dr. Cernero will work with you to determine if bariatric surgery is the right path for your weight loss journey. To read more frequently asked questions regarding bariatric surgery, click here.

Overall, the first step in working with Dr. Cernero, a bariatric surgeon that accepts HealthChoice, is to book a consultation. Contact us today to get on a path toward a happier and healthier you.

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