Advanced Laparoscopic Abdominal Surgery | da Vinci Robotic Surgery

Most abdominal surgeries can now be performed with laparoscopic techniques, such as the da Vinci robotic surgical system. Dr. Cernero uses this method to perform abdominal surgeries such as Cholecystectomy (gallbladder removal surgery), Abdominal Wall Hernia repair, and Colorectal Adrenalectomies.

The da Vinci Surgical System—the latest in surgical and robotic technologies—allows the surgeon to operate through just a few small incisions. It features a magnified 3D high-definition vision system and tiny wristed instruments that bend and rotate far greater than the human wrist, giving the surgeon enhanced vision, precision, dexterity, and control.

Surgical Treatment for Gastroparesis

Gastroparesis is a neuromuscular stomach disorder in which food is digested more slowly than normal. In a healthy digestive system, strong muscular contractions move food from the stomach through the digestive tract within two to four hours after eating. With gastroparesis, however, the stomach muscles work poorly (or not at all), thus preventing the stomach from emptying properly. For some people, this condition results in serious nausea and vomiting that cannot be adequately controlled with standard medications.

Treatments for gastroparesis include diet changes and medications, but some people are unable to tolerate any foods or liquids, in which case surgical treatment may be necessary.

Depending on the patient’s individual case, it may be recommended that a feeding tube be placed in the small intestine. Or, a gastric venting tube may be recommended to help relieve pressure from gastric contents.

Gallbladder Removal

For patients with gallbladder disorders such as gallstones, Single Incision Laparoscopic surgery may be used to remove the gallbladder. During this procedure, a tiny incision is made in the navel and the gallbladder is removed. The incision is closed with three small stitches and the wound is covered with a small bandage. The Single Incision Laparoscopic process provides patients with the best cosmetic results and less scaring, and may improve the patient’s overall satisfaction.

Endocrine (Thyroid, Parathyroid, and Adrenal)

This surgery focuses on the management of problems (principally benign and malignant tumors) of the thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal glands, as well as endocrine tumors of the gastrointestinal tract and the pancreas.

Surgical Treatment for Breast Cancer

Dr. Cernero trained at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center specializing in Breast Cancer Treatment. Dr. Cernero offers breast cancer patients different surgical treatment methods including Breast Biopsy, Mastectomy, Lumpectomy, and MammoSite.


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