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Gastric Sleeve Surgery helps you eat less food and stay full longer, leading to improvements in health and lifestyle.

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Gastric Sleeve, or Sleeve Gastrectomy, is a surgical procedure that reduces the size of the stomach by 75 percent. The surgery triggers a decrease in hunger hormones and stomach capacity so you feel full after eating less food and will stay full longer.

Gastric Sleeve is one of the surgical weight loss options that we suggest often because multiple studies and our own patient testimonials report significant improvements in health and lifestyle after this procedure. Weight loss after surgery is different for each person, but our patients typically lose between 50 and 60 percent of their excess weight in the first year after their surgery, if they follow the recommended post-surgery exercise and diet plans.

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Cernero Surgery Patient Featured in Magazine

Our very own Gastric Sleeve surgery patient was featured in Texoma Medical Center’s Health News Magazine. The article is about our patient’s weight-loss journey with the help of Gastric Sleeve, highlighting Dr. Cernero and our team’s care.

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When you visit Cernero Surgery & Aesthetics for a consultation, our medical staff will advise you on the best weight loss option, taking your current health condition, insurance options and desired results into account. The National Institutes of Health offer guidelines for the proper BMI ranges required for weight loss procedures like the Gastric Sleeve. Post-surgery, we recommend that patients take a few days off work to account for recovery (around 24-48 hours in the hospital).


  1. North Texas Gastric Sleeve Surgery
    Denison | Gainesville | Sherman | Paris | McKinney
    You don’t have to drive to Dallas to get weight loss surgery. Dr. Cernero is a Sherman resident and is proud to bring excellent medical care to North Texas cities like Denison, Gainesville, Sherman, Paris and McKinney. Cernero Surgery & Aesthetics offers a wide variety of weight loss and general surgery options, but the Gastric Sleeve surgery is one of our most popular procedures.

  2. Oklahoma Gastric Sleeve Surgery
    Ada | Ardmore | Durant
    Don’t overlook our weight loss options just because we are in Texas. Many of our gastric sleeve surgery patients come from Oklahoma. You may have seen some of our local television commercials. Many residents from Oklahoma cities like Ada, Ardmore and Durant prefer to visit us for our expertise and wide variety of weight loss and cosmetic treatments. We also welcome patients from the nearby Native American reservations.

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Cernero Surgery and Aesthetics offers competitive prices and payment options for bariatric surgery patients, whether you use insurance, choose to finance, or decide on a cash payment plan. Please contact us to help determine which payment option works best for you. Cernero Surgery & Aesthetics has two main bariatric surgery payment options available: insurance and a payment plan for self-pay patients.

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