Getting Back to Nature – Marshall Hepner’s Weight Loss Surgery Testimonial

Getting Back to Nature – Marshall Hepner’s Weight Loss Surgery Testimonial

 “My life before surgery was difficult at best” Marshall explains. At 51 years old, Marshall was 406 pounds and found simple tasks, like tying his shoes, very difficult. His doctors pointed out serious health risks that came with him being overweight and he knew he needed a lifestyle change. Both his primary care physician and his orthopedist recommended Dr. Cernero for weight loss surgery. We met up with Marshall and was gracious enough to share his weight loss surgery testimonial.

After a meeting with Dr. Cernero, it was decided that gastric sleeve surgery would be the best option for Marshall. He needed to lose over 100 pounds and liked the fact that this procedure was less invasive than others. Before the procedure took place, he followed a strict 2-week liquid diet to help shrink his stomach. His wife was supportive of the whole process and completed the diet with him to make it easier.

Marshall had surgery just over a year ago and is now at 270 pounds (a 136-pound difference from where he started). His current goal to get his weight under 250 pounds. He advises those considering weight loss surgery is to do research beforehand and set up goals, both large and small. It’s important to ask your doctor questions and to get advice from people who have had weight loss surgery in the past.

A good support system is essential to life post-surgery. As Marshall puts it, “having support makes it impossible to fail”. His wife diets and hikes with him for exercise. He also wanted to connect with others who had weight loss surgery and were going through the same lifestyle changes, so he started looking at Facebook support groups. After trying out a few, he decided to start a group of his own, “Backcountry Bariatric”. This group is open to people who have had weight loss surgery or are looking to lose weight. They share a common interest in nature and getting exercise outside of a gym in the great outdoors. Members in this group keep each other motivated by acknowledging milestones and giving each other positive encouragement. After just over a year, the group has grown to nearly 400 members from around the world!

Marshall describes the overall process “not easy, but simple”. If you follow the rules and commit to a lifestyle change, it can change your life. Marshall no longer has to take any sort of medication for diabetes. He has more energy and is able to enjoy activities that he wasn’t able to do before, such as hunting, fishing, and long walks with his wife and dogs. The gastric sleeve has had a positive influence on his life and he often recommends both Dr. Cernero and the surgery.

In fact, one of his friends recently had gastric sleeve surgery performed by Dr. Cernero and is doing well. Considering weight loss surgery but don’t know where to start? Click here to learn more about the different weight loss options that Cernero Surgery & Aesthetics has to offer.

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