What is Robotic Surgery?


Are you considering weight loss surgery but are nervous about the procedure? You may be asking yourself, “What is Robotic Surgery?” This is an important question to ask, and we have the answer.


What is Robotic Surgery?

So, what is robotic surgery? Generally, it involves the surgeon controlling a surgical robot. The surgeon performs the procedure using the robot rather than performing with their own hands.


what is robotic surgery


How does it Compare to Traditional Surgery?

Robotic surgery has been rapidly adopted by surgeons and hospitals in the United States and Europe, and for a good reason. While surgeons are highly trained and masters of their craft, there are simple actions that robots can perform better to do the limitations of the human body. With robotic assistance, surgeons can perform complex procedures with greater precision and control. It also allows for less invasive surgeries, reducing pain and recovery times.

Dr. Cernero of Cernero Surgery & Aesthetics uses the da Vinci Robotic Surgical system in his operations. The robot features advanced technology such as 3D high-definition vision and minuscule wristed instruments. These features, along with many others, allow Dr. Cernero to see at a higher resolution than physically possible for human eyes. He can also perform movements with a higher degree of precision, agility, and control than what the human wrist typically allows.

In short, systems like the da Vinci Robot allow the surgeon to see and perform better than even the best surgeon in the world.   


what is robotic surgery


The Benefits

In addition to surgeon performance improvements, robotic systems also includes a plethora of benefits for the patient. The primary benefits of robotic weight loss surgery include less pain and quicker recovery. Due to the precise nature of the technology, it also means that the incision area is smaller. Seeing as how the incision area is smaller, it not only causes less pain but takes less time to heal. Also, smaller incision areas are less likely to leave a noticeable scar.


Is Robotic Surgery Right for You?

If you’re considering weight loss surgery or general surgery with a surgeon qualified to perform the procedure robotically, look no further. Dr. Cernero of Cernero Surgery & Aesthetics is the only surgeon in the Texoma area certified to perform robotic surgery. For more information on using robotic surgery for weight loss, give us a call for a consultation.

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