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At Cernero Surgery & Aesthetics, the best weight loss clinic Sherman has to offer, we treat weight loss surgery as more than just a cosmetic convenience. We want more for our patients than weight loss alone. We want them to keep the weight off permanently and for them to lead a happier, healthier and longer life. In order for our patients to do this, they must understand that bariatric surgery is simply the first step on the day-to-day journey of maintaining their desired physique. Our team is ready to help you every step along the way. Long before your surgery, you will meet with Dr. Cernero and he will work closely with you to prepare you for the procedure. Our straightforward approach to patient care helps our patients know what to expect from the surgery. Fill out our insurance form, and we will help you figure out what to expect from your insurance provider. After surgery, we provide check-ups along with a diet guide post-surgery. But we won’t be at home, work or on vacation with you, in other words we won’t be able to hold you accountable when it counts most. It is your responsibility to practice the three E’s: eating healthy and exercising everyday. Here is some guidance for your journey.


If you are not used to doing so, eating nutritious foods and exercising regularly is just like anything else you are not used to – you must make a conscious effort of doing both consistently in order to forge them into habit. You can control your calorie intake by being careful of what you consume, and through cardio exercises such as: walking, running, swimming and spending time on an elliptical machine. Your dietary habits will need to change two weeks prior to your surgery, these changes include: consuming 60-70 grams of protein per day and keeping your calorie intake under 800. In addition, you will need to eliminate high carbohydrate foods such as bread and starches, high sugar foods such as bananas, fatty foods, butter, fried foods, whole milk products and carbonated drinks. Your diet will vary during different stages of your post-surgery recovery, but it will mostly consist of water, liquids and lots of protein. We have faith in your ability to make these disciplined lifestyle changes, as many previous patients have done so successfully.


         Cernero Surgery & Aesthetics is proud to say that we have a catalogue of success stories, but we will highlight Jessica’s here. She is a mother, wife and prior to having lap band surgery, she best described her lifestyle as “complacent.” Because of her weight, she didn’t like having her picture taken or going into large crowds. Her weight even affected her relationship with her children. Post-surgery, her confidence has soared. Once she was home, she was amazed at her newfound ability to cross her legs while sitting. Her life was changed forever.


         Our question to you – is it worth it? If you are offered the ability to be more comfortable in your skin, is it worth it? If you can positively impact your relationships with loved ones, is it worth it? If you have the ability to live happier and healthier for longer, is it worth it? A lifestyle change will never be easy at first, but at the best weight loss clinic Sherman has to offer we know that it is worth it. Contact us today if you want to take charge of your life.

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