The Journey To Weight Loss Surgery Isn’t Far Away

Obesity surgery help you lose weight and live a better life. Cernero Surgery wants you to have access to the benefits of a healthy lifestyle: going on long walks with loved ones, sleeping better and feeling rested to enjoy the day, dissipation of the soreness that plague your joints and back, an improved immune system to keep you active, and countless other benefits. If you’ve been trying to lose weight and you live in or around Durant, Oklahoma, obesity surgery options are available less than 30 miles away at Cernero Surgery in Denison, Texas.

Dr. Aaron Cernero has almost two decades of medical experience, and patient care is a priority to him. He aims to give you the opportunity of a better life through one of the most effective weight loss methods, bariatric surgery. Dr. Cernero specializes in obesity surgery options that could not only improve your health, but also your lifestyle. Dr. Cernero has treated hundreds of patients from North Texas and the southern part of Oklahoma. His experience allows him to work closely with patients to determine which obesity surgery option will lead to better health and quality of life.

Dr. Cernero’s goal is to offer patients in Southern Oklahoma the life they deserve for the price they can afford. His location in Denison, Texas is convenient for patients, financially and geographically. Because Cernero Surgery is outside of the densely populated cities of Dallas and Oklahoma City,  it remains a top option for those looking to make a change in their life, but can’t afford the high prices of the cities. Dr. Cernero’s focus is on ensuring his patients have the best experience when making this life-changing decision, and price is an important factor. 

The obesity surgery options that could have a great impact on your life do not need to cost an arm and a leg. By crossing the border from Oklahoma to Texas, you are crossing the border toward a better life.

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