Finding a New Energy and Confidence – Michelle’s Bariatric Surgery Testimonial

Michelle’s curiosity in weight loss surgery was sparked by friends and family after struggling with a lack of confidence due to excess weight. She had always wanted to be a healthy weight. Hearing a bariatric surgery testimonial from her coworker helped her realize that this was the perfect avenue to get there. They described Dr. Cernero as caring, supportive, and willing to take the time to listen and answer questions. Michelle scheduled a consultation to learn more about her options. Her main concern was wanting to be in control of how much weight she lost by regulating her food intake. Michelle was wanting to feel as if she was losing the weight naturally. After the consultation, she chose Dr. Cernero since he made her feel as though she was not “just another patient.”

Michelle decided on the gastric sleeve approach to bariatric surgery to address her obesity. In preparation for her surgery, she began to journal her eating habits so that she could be more mindful of what she put on her plate. She explained how the liquid diet that is necessary to get ready for the surgery was the hardest part of the process. Participants had to have the right mindset in order to be successful. According to Michelle, from day one Dr. Cernero and his staff were remarkably kind. Each of them made a point to support her and make her feel as if her concerns were being genuinely cared for and addressed.

Since her surgery, Michelle describes herself as “full of energy.” She no longer suffers from severe sleep apnea, her knee pain has subsided, and she can enjoy running around and keeping up with her grandchildren. She has even added light exercise such as walking, cardio, and lightweight training to her daily routine.

In recovery, she had a few concerns, but said that Dr. Cernero was always there to reassure her that what was happening was natural and to be expected. He was supportive and able to put her worries at ease every step of the way. Michelle says, “If there was ever a concern, they would get you right in. There was never a wait.”

Michelle weighed 245 pounds before her surgery and wore a size 20. Now, she weighs about 175 pounds and can wear as low as a size 10. She is confident that by the end of the year, she can accomplish her ultimate goal weight of 135 pounds. Michelle says that this surgery has given her another chance to be healthy. She is excited to experience life with all of this newly found energy. Her advice for others considering the surgery is that “you definitely want a surgeon who knows what he’s doing, as well as one who is there with you every step of the way.” She continues by saying “Dr. Cernero was just that for me.” Michelle hopes that her bariatric surgery testimonial can encourage others to make the right decision and let Cernero Surgery help them achieve their weight loss goals.

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