Icon Aesthetic System: The First Step Towards a Confident Summer

Icon Aesthetics System

Summer time comes and goes every year. As soon as those warm days and bright sun become a staple in the Dallas area, a yearning to be outside also sets in. Whether it is by the pool, walking the Katy trail down in Dallas, or playing with our children in the yard, there is the draw experiencing the outdoors. In all of this excitement for short shorts and bathing suits out by the pool, there are some trepidations shared by all of us. The Icon Aesthetic System can nullify any of your concerns.

The Expertise at Cernero Surgery and Aesthetics

The abilities of this laser system are endless at the hands of Jessica Gamble, PA. Professionally trained by Cynosure, the creators of the Icon Aesthetic System, and with three years of laser operations under her belt, Jessica can set your concerns at ease with her expertise and knowledge. During the initial consultation, a laser treatment specific to your needs will be chosen and fully explained. Patients will have a full understanding of the benefits the Icon Aesthetic System offers when it comes to skin treatments. Most treatments will not last longer than one hour and have little to no downtime. This is perfect for getting you ready to experience this Texas summer.

A Confidence Booster

With everything you need to worry about in your normal routine, why let those meaningless trouble areas continue to bother you. The Icon Aesthetic System offers permanent hair removal, stretch mark reduction, scar treatments, wrinkle reduction, and skin resurfacing. Imagine a summer without the small worries. Set out each day with the confidence you deserve and enjoy this summer with no distractions.


We all want to take on these warm summer months with confidence. Whatever your areas of concern are, Cernero Surgery and Aesthetics can address and provide the least invasive solution possible. Utilizing the Icon Laser System, Jessica Gamble, PA will have you ready to take on the summer heat in no time at all. Find out more information on our Icon Aesthetic System page. Schedule your consultation today and step into a summer of confidence.

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