Trust is Crucial When Choosing a Surgeon: Get to Know Dr. Aaron Cernero

A question that often arises when one needs a medical procedure is: “Can I trust this surgeon?” Rightly so, patients want to know their health is in good hands with the general surgeon they have chosen.

Dr. Cernero, a general surgeon in Sherman, Texas, bases his practice on the belief that personal relationships and great care are essential to the success of a patient’s procedure. Dr. Cernero’s goal is to gain the trust of patients by providing them with the information they need to be confident in his work.

“You definitely want a surgeon that knows what he’s doing, as well as one who’s there with you every step of the way. I do believe that Dr. Cernero was just that for me. He made sure I was at ease and that every question was answered.” –Michelle Patterson, patient of Dr. Cernero.

As a general surgeon in Sherman, Texas, Dr. Cernero performs a wide range of surgeries, including general, bariatric and cosmetic procedures.  Dr. Cernero is board certified in general surgery and bariatric surgery, but his extensive surgical experience over the years is what makes him a top choice for patients needing treatment around the area of Sherman, Texas.

“They’ve always been friendly and answered any questions I might have. It’s been a huge change in my life and I’m so grateful for Dr. Cernero. I’d absolutely recommend him in a heartbeat.” –Elijah Brown, patient of Dr. Cernero.

Dr. Cernero opened Cernero Surgery & Aesthetics in 2006. Since then, he’s been successfully treating patients with innovative techniques and the latest technology. Improving techniques and offering minimally invasive surgeries allow Dr. Cernero’s patients to experience quicker recovery times and shorter hospital stays.

Dr. Cernero knows that making the decision to have surgery is not to be taken lightly. Dr. Cernero thinks of his practice as a privilege because it gives him the ability to do the work he loves, treat patients in his hometown, and change lives through his skill and expertise as a general and bariatric surgeon. When it comes to choosing a general surgeon in the Sherman, Texas area, people turn to Dr. Cernero because he offers one crucial element that you can’t find everywhere: trust.

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