An Alternative To Fad Diets: Lose Weight With Surgery

With 2019 settling in, people who resolved to lose weight this year are trying out the latest weight loss fads. However, many of these trends either don’t work or aren’t healthy. More often than not, it’s both.

1. Keto Diet

The Keto diet, also known as the bacon and butter diet, is a popular fad that has recently been gaining speed. When following this diet, at least 75 percent of your calories must come from fat. The goal is to lose weight by avoiding carbohydrates and protein, but any diet that uses ‘bacon’ in its title probably isn’t healthy. This diet is too extreme. While you may lose weight, nutritionists say that it is not good for you and it isn’t sustainable.

So, what’s the alternative? Consider your options to lose weight with surgery. Going through doctor-approved weight loss surgery is healthier and safer. Cernero Surgery offers weight loss surgery options that are customized to your needs, and you are given a recommended diet afterward by licensed doctors. This weight loss is also sustainable, so you’ll have a better chance of keeping the weight off after the surgery.

2. Dubrow Diet

This diet has a long list of dietary restrictions, but to put it simply, it’s intermittent eating (i.e. fasting). Nutritionists say the diet is too low in calories and focuses too much on the appearance aspect of weight loss and disregards the health aspect.

At Cernero Surgery, we know that losing weight isn’t only about appearance, it’s also about improving your health. When treating patients, our focus is determining a plan and healthy diet that can continue even after the weight loss surgery.

3. Carnivore Diet

Meat isn’t bad for you, but restricting your diet to only meat can lead to serious health complications. Like many other fad diets, the Carnivore diet is gaining traction by promising weight loss results from extreme measures. It’s not unhealthy to eat steak every once in a while, but it’s entirely unreasonable for it to be the only thing you eat.

With every diet, the negatives boil down to a failure to lose weight in a healthy way. Some diets are better than others, but people need the nutrition that comes from all of the food groups: fruits, vegetables, meats, carbs, and even fats and sugars. It’s about wholesomeness. You can safely lose weight through surgery, and then adjust what you eat.

Dr. Cernero recommends scheduling a time to speak with him about how you can lose weight with surgery. He has the experience, skill, and empathy to help you make a decision and to provide you with the care you need while on your journey to weight loss.

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