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Are you struggling with obesity or significantly overweight? If so, you are likely suffering from more than just the numbers on the scale. Obesity can increase your risk of developing diseases, Diabetes, sleep apnea, mental health disorders, and even cancer. These risks due to obesity can be reduced or even eliminated with lap band surgery.

The Lap-Band ® Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Band is the only adjustable and reversible weight loss procedure offered in the United States that the FDA approves. If you’re considering this procedure, it’s essential to use the lap band surgeon Dallas locals trust, Dr. Aaron Cernero.

The Lap-Band Procedure

The lap band is a small, inflatable belt placed around the upper portion of the patient’s stomach to restrict the amount of food consumed. This band slows the emptying of food from the stomach and provides a constant sensation of being full, resulting in dramatic weight loss.

Unlike Gastric Sleeve surgery, the lap band does not involve cutting or stapling the stomach. As a result, it is much less invasive than other surgeries and is excellent for candidates who would like a more straightforward procedure or are not medically cleared for procedures like Gastric Sleeve. The process is also reversible and offers flexibility to the patient to loosen or tighten the band as needed. Dr. Cernero, the lap band surgeon Dallas locals trust, makes sure that this procedure is as comfortable as possible and produces the results you want.

Dr. Aaron Cernero

Dr. Cernero is an experienced and knowledgeable bariatric surgeon serving the DFW area. It is his privilege to do life-changing work through his skill and expertise as a bariatric surgeon. His goal is to bring the latest technology in general and bariatric surgery and cosmetic procedures to his patients.

Not only is he experienced in weight loss surgery, but he also has extensive surgical experience at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in breast, thyroid, and parathyroid surgery. Dr. Cernero is the lap band surgeon Dallas locals love because he truly cares for their feelings and concerns and continues to base his practice on the belief that personal relationships and excellent care are crucial to his success.

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The decision to have surgery is not to be taken lightly, which is why Dr. Cernero and his staff’s goal is to provide you with information that can help you decide which weight loss surgery is right for you. Learn more about why Dr. Cernero is the lap band surgeon Dallas locals trust by checking out his testimonials. So don’t wait to take your life back; schedule a consultation today!




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