The Difference in Liposuction vs SculpSure

Are you tired of looking in the mirror and being disappointed with stubborn fat that diet and exercise aren’t fixing? If you answered yes, you are likely considering alternative methods to help you achieve your ideal look. Two such methods are Liposuction and Sculpsure! This article will explain the difference in Liposuction vs. SculpSure concerning the procedure, treatment areas, and recovery time.

The Difference in Liposuction vs SculpSure

Liposuction vs SculpSure – Procedure

The difference in Liposuction vs. SculpSure lies heavily in the procedure. Liposuction is performed using a small cannula (a tube) that is inserted under the skin. The laser forces the targeted fats cells to rupture, and they are gently sucked out of the body. During the procedure, patients are awake but receive a local anesthetic.

On the other hand, SculpSure is a non-invasive procedure. Sculpsure uses laser energy to heat and destroy fat cells under the skin.

Liposuction vs SculpSure – Treatment Areas

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Liposuction is recommended for patients who are not considered overweight but have accumulated fat deposits, such as love handles, fat on the lower torso, excess neck or facial fat, or flabby upper arms.

SculpSure is designed for patients who are in good shape but have stubborn pockets of fat that traditional diet and exercise just aren’t’ doing away with, such as localized fat on the abdomen, thighs, hips, flanks, back, and chin.

Liposuction vs SculpSure – Recovery

Liposuction is a surgical procedure that requires a recovery period. Generally, this procedure requires one to two days of rest and restricted activities before returning to one’s routine. Additionally, some light bruising and excess skin creation will likely occur.

While we are talking about the difference in Liposuction vs. SculpSure, we want to note that we recommend matching Liposuction procedures with BodyTite to assist in skin tightening.

Due to its minimally invasive process, SculpSure requires little downtime. Many patients can get the procedure during lunch and then head back to work.

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